I wanted to define the "doll" theme in a new way. When working with dolls for me the art of creation is the describtion of the childlike character and not the depiction or portrayal of a child. Moods and feelings which remind you of your own childhood are reflected in the faces of my dolls. And just to the same extent as the alert eye looks into the expression and character of a doll, the art in it will be revealed to him. Therefore you may even be able to do some self-discovery with the help of my dolls.

I have been designing dolls in various materials since 1979. My great passion, however, is working in porcelain which is, in my opinion, a wonderful material and "the major form of doll making". And it has also been the origin of my long lasting artistic career. I do doll making at my leisure and spend a lot of time realizing my ideas, giving some of them up again and enjoying the artisan challenge. I aim to make dolls with a great flexibility and vitality. I regard a doll as finished when it is talking to me. The beginning of our communication usually starts when the pieces are still white and unpainted. After the first baking I apply the paint very restrainedly as it should not dominate but underline the modeling delicately. An exception are mythical creatures for which I use the multiple baking echnique, if required, which gives the colors a very natural appearance. With the aid of a ball-and-socket joint my dolls - whith the exception of some fairy tale characters - can turn their heads in all directions. I have developed all the patterns for the bodies myself and adapted them to each single doll type. All bodies are stuffed with sheep's wool and, if necessary, wired so that they can be decorated more easily. When dressing my dolls I enjoy indulging myself in precious materials. I like to feel and choose them but I am always paying attention not to overcharge. Clear patterns, delicate colors, fine embroideries, imaginative accessories, handknitted silken socks, leather shoes and hats are thoroughly selected to underline the typical and unique Ruth Treffeisen style. Mouthblown crystal glass eyes from Lauscha that have been expecially made to order vitalize the expression of my doll children. Hand-knotted wigs of human hair or mohair, depending on style, age and hairstyle (girls, boys or babies) make them look very naturally. All my dolls are one-of-a-kinds or strictly limited editions and I sign and number all of them myself.
Ruth Treffeisen